Friday, February 1, 2008

Howto: Check Firmware Version on your Cableone or Comcast DCT Digital Box (universal)

  1. Turn off the box (press POWER on the remote).
  2. Immediately press OK/SELECT. Press it again if the display (black text on white background) does not come up within a second.
  3. DOWN ARROW to "d08 CODE MODULES" and press OK/SELECT.
    • The firmware version and build date are listed at the top, i.e., "Platform Built: Version: 16.20 Jul 13 2006 15:06:09".
    • In the middle of the page, there is an "Object" column and a "Ver" column that lists your firmware and software versions, i.e.,
      • Firmware: TC_OS_ED 16.20
      • IPG Software: Tv_Guide 74.53
      • VOD Software: A231_VOD 23.45
  4. To exit the menu press POWER twice. The unit will exit the menu and turn back on.

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