Friday, January 11, 2008

Howto: Fix no video issues with Cableone

If there is no video on the TV screen:
• Verify the TV is powered on and set to the appropriate input source.
• Confirm TV is on CH 3 or 4 for digital box or correct input if DVR.
• Verify the Cables are connected firmly
• Not all HDTV’s can display every output format (1080i, 720p, 480p or 480i) available on the DCT. Enter the user setting menu and cycle through the available output formats to see if a picture displays on the TV (see below for instructions)
• Bypass DCT/DVR and plug coax directly into tv
• If you have service on TV(s) with box bypassed, unplug the box from the power source, wait 30 sec, plug back in.
• If problem is still not resolved call cableone and ask for a signal 7 or 11 to be sent to possibly resolve the issue.
• If the signal(s) fail, your cable company will need to schedule a TROUBLE CALL or you may take box into your local office for exchange.

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