Friday, January 11, 2008

Howto: Fix your Sound on your Digital Box or DVR

Allot of people call cable companies all the time when they are having issues with sound on channels 1-100 and 100+, here is a few steps you can take to resolve these issues:

No Sound on ALL Channels - With or without DCT/DVR
• Static buildup
1. Unplug TV from power for 30 seconds.
2. Unplug DCT/DVR from power for 30 seconds.
• Verify the mute button has not been pressed on customer’s equipment (DCT, Home Theatre and TV)
• Verify that you have the correct cables for the audio ports
• Verify the cables are firmly connected in the correct ports

3. Check to make sure SAP is not on.
4. Check that TV is not on mute.

NO SOUND ON DIGITAL CHANNELS ONLY (Channels 100 and above)

(Atlas Remote (Day))
1. Press “Menu” or “Settings” on remote twice.
2. Select “Setup.” Often times it can be hidden and you need to scroll down.
3. Select “Audio Setup.”
4. Make sure the “Dolby Digital” is set to OFF.
5. Also, make sure the “Audio Output” is set to “TV SPEAKER.”
6. Press “OK/Select”
7. Press “Exit”

(Atlas Remote (Settings))
1. To restore the audio on the digital channels customer needs to turn to a channel that is not receiving any sound.
2. Have customer press Menu twice
3. Arrow down to Setup
4. Audio Setup
5. Dolby Digital and use the left right arrows to turn the Dolby Digital off.

Not all boxes will have the Dolby setting. If there is no Dolby settings give you cable company a call and ask them to reset your box remotely and send an update signal. Make sure you tell them the steps you did so you do not have to repeat them over the phone to a customer care representative.

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