Saturday, January 12, 2008

Understanding your Cableone Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

It seems allot of people need help with operating they're dvr for cableone! Cableone gets hundreds of calls each day for dvr issues, and help operating the i-Guide. As you see on the left hand side I provided an animated i-Guide tutorial but here I will provide everything you need to get started from turning it on to scheduling recordings for both tuners...

Learn how to set up your built-in Digital Video Recorder
Read More (PDF)
Read some quick tips about DVR and how to perform basic functions.
Read more (PDF)
View step-by-step instructions on how to pause, fast forward and rewind while viewing a program.
Read more (PDF)
How to Record a Show
Learn various ways to choose the program you wish to record.

Read more (PDF)
Record Multiple Episodes of a Show
Learn how to record a show once, or to record each episode.

Read more (PDF)
How to Play a Recorded Program
Learn how to access and view the programs you recorded previously.

Read more (PDF)
Digital Video Recorder Parental Controls
Learn how to control access to recorded programs.

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Saving Programs
Read how to manage your saved programs.

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Storing Programs
Understand how to use your storage space.

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Changing Recording Options
Learn how to modify or delete a recording option.

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Complete Digital Video Recorder Instructions
Download the entire DVR section in one PDF.

Read more (PDF)

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